Yes Professor Ch. 02

Professor Stone was pleased when Jennifer arrived on time for their appointment. It didn't mean that she would be rewarded. It just meant that she wouldn't be punished further.

"Time to begin, let's go to the room and have you wear the glass again. WE have to continue our experiment. Follow me, Jen" stated Professor Stone.

She was happy as Jennifer followed her down the hall. Jennifer was coming along almost nicely. The trick to making bimbos was to take your time. She sat Jennifer down on the chair and strapped the glasses on.

"Time for you to insert the rod." stated Professor Stone.

"Oh...right." said Jennifer. She undid her pants and pulled down her underwear.

"I thought I told you not to wear any underwear? Underwear doesn't help us. It hinders a woman's wetness. I want you wet and dripping, is that understood Jen?" Professor Stone said commandingly. Jennifer's mistake would mean further punishment once Jennifer fully belonged to her.

"Yes Professor." stated Jennfier mindless as she inserted the vibraror in her cunt. It was a bigger vibraror this time. Jennifer winched as she placed it in. Professor Stone started the images.

"These are all girl pictures...I'm not a lesbian." stated Jennifer. "I don't like girls."

"But, it's only girls that can make you wet. This experiment measures wetness. You want to be a good girl and obey me, don't you? You wouldn't want to fail would you?" said Professor Stone as she started up the vibraror.

"No, I can't fail. I need to succeed and get a good job. That way I can be successful." The images started. They were hardcore lesbian porn.

The drink that Professor Stone had given Jennifer was to make her wetter but it also contained a secret ingredient to make her submissive and more pliable. It also had some of Professor Stone's pussy juice in it. Jennifer had to gradually learn to appreciate pussy. Professor Stone had lots of plans for her newest slut. Jennifer would be a regular porn star by the time Professor Stone was done with her. She put the glasses on Jennfier.

The images started, as did the vibrartor. Jennifer found herself enjoying the images more. Women were so beautiful weren't they? Men were...well men were something she wasn't sure what anymore. Some would have to tell her. Hopefully, Professor Stone. She seemed to know everything. It was good to listen to her. Eventually, Jennifer came with a moan. Professor Stone entered the room and took off the glasses.

She took out the vibrator it was covered in Jennifer's pussy juices. "Ah, I see you got very wet. That's a good girl for me Jen. I like good girls and you want to be one for me don't you?"

"Yes, Professor." stated Jennifer mindless as she drank more of her drink. It was so good she wondered if she could get some to take home. But, soon she was to busy listening to Professor Stone.

"Now Jennifer, we can't let all this pussy juice go to waste. It's bad enough most of it was soaked up by your underwear. It's time for you to clean this vibraror off. Now lick." ordered Professor Stone.

"Isn't that like eating pussy...I'm a girl. I'm not supposed to eat pussy. Men are supposed to eat my pussy isn't that right?" Jennifer was no longer sure of herself. Hopefully, Professor Stone would help her out. It was good to listen to Professor Stone, she seemed to know everything.

Professor Stone laughed. It was nearly time to destroy Jennifer's mind. Bimbos didn't have thoughts. They only obeyed. It was time to make Jennifer obey.

"No,'s only cleaning the vibrator off. You made a mess so you should clean it up. Now use your mouth. It's your duty." stated Professor Stone commandingly. Sluts had to learn.

"Professor, it the drink you gave me." stated Jennifer.

"You like it though, don't you Jen? The more you taste it. The more you crave it. I'm going to live you some of my special juice to take home, I want you to drink as much as possible. You need to learn to savor it like a fine wine. On top of that you have a homework assignment. I wouldn't want you to forget about that, Jen. You know how often you forget things. I'm always having to remind you."

"What's my homework assignment Professor? I don't remember you assigning anything in class...please help me. I don't remember things so well." stated Jennifer.

"I know Jen...I know. That's why I'm trying to help you. As you know I always say the wetter the better. That goes for my class too. You need to be dripping. Sluts are always dripping. That's why sluts and bimbos succeed in my class. I'm going to give you these pills to make you more bimbo like. I need you to take them and buy some sexier clothes. Clothes like you see the women in the porn movies wearing. Do you think you can do that you think you can trust me?"

"Yes Professor...I'll do what you say. I'll drink the juice and take the pills. I'll be a bimbo. I need to pass. The wetter the better professor. I'll see you tomorrow Professor" stated Jennifer mindlessly.

"Don't be late and no underwear, Jen" ordered Professor Stone.

"Yes Professor." stated Jennifer as she gathered her things and went out the door.


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